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New hot pot, all-you-can-eat BBQ restaurant opens in Vancouver

It's opening just a short time after the former tenant, a similar restaurant, closed.

What's in a name?

In the case of one new restaurant , Mr Yan 2993 Granville, it includes the address, which is 2993 Granville St. in Vancouver's Fairview neighbourhood.

The new restaurant quietly opened recently after the former tenant, Niu Niu BBQ, closed earlier this year, also quietly. Previously the restaurant, which is on the second floor of a building near the intersection with West 14th Avenue was the home of Kyo Korean BBQ and Sushi House and Shabusen Japanese Yakiniku House.

Both Niu Niu and the new restaurant focus on bbq and hot pot meals; the current menu for Mr Yan 2993 Granville includes a variety of bbq'd items including beef brisket, eggplant and lamb. Side dishes include kimchi, edemame and marinated cucumber.

A job listing for Mr Yan 2993 Granville notes that the Korean-style BBQ department is up and running with hot pot items expected later this month. There's also sushi and sashimi expected in the future.

It's open from 11 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.

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