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Ontario-based vegan burger chain begins 'West Coast takeover' with first B.C. location

One of the world's first vegan fast-food chains has big expansion plans in this part of Canada
Odd Burger is one of the world's first all-vegan fast food restaurant chains, and they're bringing their plant-based burgers, shakes, and sides to B.C. soon

One of the world's first vegan fast-food chains may have gotten its start in Ontario, but now Odd Burger has its sights set on Canada's west coast.

Launched in 2014 as a produce delivery service, which morphed into a plant-based meal kit business, Odd Burger has grown from its grassroots start to a staple in vegan fast food in its native Ontario. With six locations in the province, including in Toronto, Windsor, and Waterloo, Odd Burger is already in the process of doubling its presence nationwide, with a further four locations planned in Ontario, as well as a first foray into the Calgary scene.

On Jan. 4, Odd Burger revealed it has entered into a franchise agreement to expand even further, with a location - at an as-yet-undisclosed address - in the works in Victoria.

The company says the first B.C. Odd Burger is part of its plan to make some big moves in this part of the country. 

"Victoria is the ideal spot to begin our West Coast takeover, and our partners Luke and John are ready to bring our brand to their city," said James McInnes, Odd Burger co-founder and CEO in a media release. 

V.I.A. reached out to Odd Burger to find out where exactly the Victoria location will be and learned that the agreement has just been finalized with Victoria franchisees John Bowker and Luke Ceraldi. The first B.C. location "is expected to open within three months of site selection and permit approvals," notes Odd Burger. 

A rep for Odd Burger confirmed the vegan fast-food chain's plans to further expand in B.C. but at this time have no details to share.

"Strategic franchises are part of Odd Burger's plans to expand throughout North America," notes the media release, pointing to one additional planned location in the United States, without specifying a city or state. 

The company also has a manufacturing facility in London, Ontario, which is where Odd Burger makes its own meat alternatives for use in its restaurants. The Odd Burger menu offers several kinds of burgers, including riffs on high-profile fast food classics (the Famous burger with its double meat and cheese, secret sauce, and shredded lettuce looks like something from the "Golden Arches," while the Vopper's name immediately calls to mind a royally popular burger). They've also got chicken alternative ( what they call "ChickUn") sandwiches and strips, breakfast, salads, wraps, and sides, along with shakes to drink - all totally plant-based.