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PNE extends Mini Donut event due to 'overwhelming demand'

You have one more day to get a taste of the PNE's first-ever "drive-through" food event
Mini donuts. Photo: PNE/Playland via Instagram

Organizers of the PNE's first-ever "drive-through" food event have announced they're adding an extra day to the multi-day event due to "overwhelming demand."

A Taste of the PNE - Mini Donut Edition will give Fair fans one more chance to get their hands on concession staple, with special distancing and safety protocols in place.

Originally organized for May 22 through 24, the PNE says they will open up the event again today, Monday, May 25, from 1 to 7 p.m.

Advanced tickets must be purchased online in advance in order to attend. 

During the event, ticket-holders get to "drive-through" the PNE's "Revel District" and collect mini donuts to-go from four popular vendors: Those Little Donuts, Tin Lizzy Donuts, CinCity Donuts and the PNE Fundunkers.

Concessionaire Jason Au, of Tin Lizzy Concessions, one of the four mini donut vendors participating in the event says the response has been overwhelming and humbling.

“For us, our family makes our living on the fair and event circuit, so this event may be the only work our family gets in 2020. We are incredibly thankful to the PNE for jumping in and starting this initiative, and our family wants to thank the people who came from all over to support small business in our province,” says Au. “It was hard to hold back the tears at points as people said they drove hours to support us, and because they love the PNE Fair. Thank you.”

Mini Donuts are a longstanding tradition at the PNE. In 2018, Those Little Donuts marked 50 years of frying up those sugar-sprinkled tiny treats at the Fair.

The PNE says they developed the event with Vancouver Coastal Health. The event is meant to demonstrate the PNE's "Fair spirit" and to give Vancouverites the chance to show some love for the hard-hit event and their concessionaires, who are all feeling the financial blow of the Fair's cancellation. 

As a delicious bonus, advanced purchase tickets to the event include passes to the 2021 Fair at the PNE, too. 

Attendees have noted it does take about one hour to get through the line and those donuts in your hands, so plan accordingly.


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A Taste of the PNE – The Mini Donut Edition EXTRA DAY

When: May 25, 2020 from 1-7 p.m.

Where:  PNE grounds -  Enter off Hastings Street, West of Playland

Cost: $20 for 24 donuts, $35 for 48 donuts. Purchase in advance online.