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Popular East Vancouver 'nerd bar' announces they won't re-open again

"The coronavirus, for us and many other small restaurants, is a fatal blow while we’re already down."
Inside the Storm Crow Tavern on a chilly winter day. Photo: Storm Crow Tavern/Facebook

We already know that there are a lot of Vancouver restaurants that are simply not going to make it through the COVID-19 crisis, and some of them are already opting to shutter permanently. Count among the losses Commercial Drive's misfit haven and "nerd bar," the Storm Crow Tavern, which revealed Tuesday they were packing it in for good now.

"There’s no easy way to do this, so we’ll just say it plainly: the Storm Crow Tavern will not be re-opening, regardless of the short-term resolution of the Covid-19 crisis," the business announced on Facebook.

"The Tavern already had many challenges, such as an expiring lease, and the coronavirus, for us and many other small restaurants, is a fatal blow while we’re already down."

Known for being a fun spot to geek out on board games, themed drinks and eats, and take part in special events tailored to Sci-Fi lovers and cosplay crowds, Storm Crow's Tavern had been welcoming "oddballs and bohemians" for over seven years at that location.

Storm Crow also operates an Alehouse outpost on Broadway in Vancouver, and a Manor location in Toronto. The restaurant says both of those can potentially re-open, adding, "we are going to fight like hell to re-open those Storm Crows as soon as we can."

Because they can't hold a closing event or celebration, Storm Crow Tavern is going to give away their "redoubtable Storm Crow battleaxe" to a loyal fan. You can sign up to be on their mailing list to find out when their Vancouver Alehouse re-opens and that gets you entered to win the souvenir prize. 

"The Tavern had an amazing run. And while it may be gone, other Storm Crows will rise, like those less-awesome phoenix-y birds, up from the ashes when this conflagration has ended," concludes Storm Crow Tavern.

"Stay safe. Stay sane. We’ll see you all again one day."