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Watch: The Greek opens new Broadway and Cambie location for lunch and dinner

One of Vancouver's most popular Greek restaurants has a new location now open for business

The Greek has become a staple in Vancouver at its two locations thanks to its authentic food and lively atmosphere. Now the family-owned restaurant has opened its third location in the city with The Greek on Broadway serving lunch and dinner as well as offering take-out and delivery.

Located at 382 W Broadway, just steps from the bustling Broadway and Cambie intersection, The Greek is well-positioned to offer the neighbourhood a fresh option for meals. Given its proximity to City Hall and a healthy mix of residences and businesses, The Greek has a captive audience of hungry locals on hand.

Comfort classics the focus at The Greek's new restaurant

To that end, The Greek's Broadway location is keen to emphasize its speedy lunch options, designed to be casual, comforting, and served up quickly.

Diners can expect a menu of approachable Greek classics, from starters like the comforting avgolemono (egg and lemon) soup with shredded chicken, rice, and dill, to toasty pita with dips like whipped feta and red peppers (tyrosalata) and roe (taramosalata). Salads like a Caesar and a lentil and arugula are on offer, as are appetizers like fried calamari or saganaki (fried cheese).

Co-owner Iani Makris tells V.I.A. a central goal for The Greek's newest location is to serve simple, homestyle comfort dishes, and they've turned to many family recipes to realize the vision. Menu selections include a beloved Greek pasta dish called makaronia me kima, which is similar to spaghetti bolognese from their neighbours across the Ionian and Adriatic seas. The Greek spaghetti is topped with an aromatic ground meat sauce made with fragrant spices like cinnamon, clove, and allspice.

The entree plates truly shine at The Greek, oozing heart and comfort. The roast chicken is fall-off-the-bone tender and juicy and comes with rice cooked in stock with herbs and onions. A stew-style dish, the lamb youvetsi, is a substantial plate to be savoured, with its pieces of meat in a tomato sauce with orzo and cheese, designed to be scooped onto toasted pita triangles.

For dessert, more Greek classics, like baklava and ekmek, the latter done here as a custard with banana and coconut with a mound of whipped cream. 

The Greek has been perfecting its food and its welcoming atmosphere for several years now, its legacy starting nearly 40 years ago with a generation before on the North Shore. 

The Greek began nearly 40 years ago in North Vancouver

The Greek's North Vancouver "parent" restaurant, Anatoli Souvlaki, was opened in 1984 by Thomas and Helen Makris. Three decades later, their sons, Alexi and Iani, launched The Greek in Yaletown, which quickly established itself as a popular spot for cocktails, Greek food, and a party-like atmosphere. In early 2019, the Makris brothers added a Gastown location to its portfolio of The Greek restaurants.

More recently, longtime friend Dan Bergman joined the business as a partner, and the ownership and management team are excited to grow the business with even more locations in the future. 

On West Broadway, as the ongoing subway construction hints at an exciting new chapter for the community, The Greek team is looking forward to getting to know the neighbourhood - even if it's just for quick, casual lunches to begin with. The design team handily transformed the former Heritage Asian Eatery space with an infusion of colour, nostalgia (note the rows of Greek record albums in the hall by the washrooms), and cozy vibes while emphasizing the room's flood of natural light from the ample skylight crowning the dining area. 

While many may associate The Greek as a more upscale spot for cocktails, eats, and revelry, the West Broadway restaurant is a bit more subdued for now. However, as night falls, the mood of the room shifts to be a bit more intimate, ideal for those in the area in search of a dinner spot. As the neighbourhood transitions into its new identity, so will The Greek; the team is thrilled to have the doors open right now and plans to stay attuned to the needs of the community to best serve them. 

Video: Trying the casual lunch fare at the new The Greek restaurant in Vancouver

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