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The Veggie Option: Joey Burrard

There are some really great vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Vancouver, and as a vegetarian, I love them. My meat loving friends, not so much.

As the veggie, a lot of times when eating out you have to suck it up and hope that there’s more than a lame iceberg salad on the menu. If you’re a meat eater, it may be annoying to worry about the vegetarian in the bunch. So, let myself and my carnivorous friends eat out for you!

With the veggie option, my hope is to give you a review of the meat free options available at restaurants around the city.  A meat lover will weigh in on their dishes as well. Then we can be happy and eat together in harmony, give peas a chance, blah blah nom nom.

Please note, I am a food enthusiast, not a trained chef. I also may have a drink or 4 while eating these meals. User discretion is advised.

There are some really great vegetarian and vegan restaurants in Vancouver, and as a vegetarian, I love them. My meat loving friends, not so much.

Restaurant: Joey Burrard, 820 Burrard Street.

EatersErin, who believes her O blood type makes her a carnivore.

Tami, who raised cattle. If she can kill it, she will put it on her plate, with the exception of pigs.

Beth, a culinary adventurer, food is her hobby.

Lana, a vegetarian who enjoys a good fake meat in life.

Joey’s is not just another restaurant staffed with Robert Palmer girls, their veggie options set them apart by far and are ‘simply irresistible’ (ahem). The have soy protein, aka fake chicken, that can be added to alter many menu items from Butter Chicken to souvlaki, to make them veggie or vegan. They also have gluten free menu options.

Fans of Iron Chef can note Executive Chef Chris Mills was featured on Iron Chef Japan! The modern style makes this restaurant good to dress up or be casual.

What we ate:

Erin: Chinatown Lettuce Wraps with Shrimp

Lobster Grilled Cheese – Atlantic Lobster, Brie & Cheddar grilled cheese with cocktail sauce and a side salad

Beth: Better Beef Dip – thinly shaved beef, served with grilled onions & grainy mustard on an Italian bun, with horseradish, red wine au jus & fries

Tami: Hi-Rise Mushroom Burger, ground chuck burger, with sautéed button mushrooms & aged cheddar, served with fries

Lana: Wild Mushroom Soup

Beach Salad with strawberries, avocado, candied pecans, goat cheese & grilled soy protein with a lemon poppyseed dressing.

Meateater Mentions: Erin, “The lettuce wraps were messier than I thought, but tasty and sweet. I love the lobster grilled cheese, you could taste the lobster in every bite. I’m happy I went with the salad, very good.”

Beth, “Tender beef, really good bun.”

Tami, “This proves you don’t need bacon to make the burger! The button mushrooms are really fresh.”

Veggie Verdict: Lana, “The soup is delicious, nice balance of creaminess and earthiness from the mushrooms. The salad is large and filling enough for a meal, with a lot of flavours and crunch from the pecans. The soy protein is some of the best I’ve had."

Expect to pay between $15 to 30 for an entrée and a beverage.