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The Winning Recipe from the 3rd Annual Curry Cup

Photo credit: Michelle Hondl A night of fierce competition, guests were treated to eight delicious curries from Vancouver's top chefs as they battled to be crowned the Curry Cup Champion at the BC Chefs' Table Society's 3rd Annual Curry Cup .

 Photo credit: Michelle HondlPhoto credit: Michelle Hondl

A night of fierce competition, guests were treated to eight delicious curries from Vancouver's top chefs as they battled to be crowned the Curry Cup Champion at the BC Chefs' Table Society's 3rd Annual Curry Cup.

Chefs participating included Trevor Bird (Fable Restaurant), Andrea Carlson (Burdock & Co), Clement Chan (Torafuku), Justin Cheung (Longtail Kitchen), Jonathan Chovancek (Cook Culture), Westley Feist (Showcase Restaurant), Tret Jordan (Homer Street Cafe) and Roger Ma (Boulevard Kitchen).

The event raised funds for Growing Chefs, a non-profit society that puts chef volunteers into Vancouver's elementary schools to teach children about growing and cooking food.

 Photo credit: Michelle Hondl Photo credit: Michelle Hondl

The winning dish, and the coveted title of Curry Cup Champion went to chef Roger Ma from Boulevard Kitchen and Oyster Bar for his Balinese Chicken Currey. The runner-up and People's Choice award went to chef Westley Feist from Showcase Restaurant at the Marriott Hotel for his Coconut Shrimp and Scallop Currey.

 Photo courtesy of Boulevard KitchenPhoto courtesy of Boulevard Kitchen

Chef Roger Ma’s Winning 2016 Curry Cup Recipe:

Balinese Chicken Curry, Lawar Awan, Lemon Basil Yogurt, Crispy Chicken Crackle

Serves 6-8

Spice Paste

Yields approx. 800g paste

6pc candlenuts

8g toasted coriander seeds

6g toasted black peppercorn

12 shallots, minced

6 long red chilies, seeded and sliced

10 fresno chilies seeded and sliced

8 garlic cloves, chopped

4 lemongrass stalks, white part only, sliced and pounded in motar and pestle

80g galangal, chopped

10g ginger, chopped

20g fresh turmeric, chopped

25g palm sugar

60g coconut oil

100g shallot oil (oil used to crisp up shallots)

20g shrimp paste (Toasted)

2 kaffir lime leaves

fish sauce to taste

Combine all ingredients in a food processer or robot coupe and pulse into a thick paste.

Curry Stock

2 onion halves, burnt on a stovetop until black

1 thumb-sized piece ginger, burnt and then sliced

8 cloves crushed garlic

3 stalks pounded lemongrass

2 kaffir lime leaves, rubbed between hands to release oil

5 stalks green onion

3g black peppercorn, toasted

3g coriander seed, toasted

6pc chicken legs

5 L chicken stock

Blanch the chicken legs in simmering water for 1 minute and remove. Combine all ingredients together in a stockpot and cover with chicken stock. Bring to simmer and cook for 4 hours. Strain and reserve chicken leg meat. Shred, cool and reserve.

Chicken Legs

4 boneless skin-on chicken thighs, 5pc per thigh

Brined in 4% brine for 1 hour 15 minutes with kaffir lime leaves, toasted black pepper and coriander, thai chili, lemongrass stalks, fresh cilantro, ground turmeric, ginger, galangal, brown sugar, fish sauce. After brine, let dry and then sear skin in heavy bottom pan for nice caramelization. Set aside and finish braising in curry.

For the Curry

80g medium dice russet potato

1lbs eggplant, oblique cut then deep fried

300g curry paste

3L infused chicken stock

4pc brined chicken thigh

1 can Aroy-D coconut milk

400g Japanese eggplant (cut into 2cm pieces, fry in 350F oil, drain on paper towel)

60g coconut oil

fish sauce to taste

palm sugar to taste

lime juice to taste

Heat up coconut oil in a wide and shallow pot (rondo). Toast the curry paste until fragrant. Add diced potato and continue to cook until coated with paste. Add the stock and the coconut milk and stir. Season with fish sauce, sugar and lime juice, add chicken legs and braise until tender. Adjust curry flavour with stock and coconut milk. Break up the potatoes to thicken the curry and add eggplant and the remaining potatoes. Adjust seasoning and continue to simmer until the vegetables are cooked. Continue to adjust seasoning so that the curry is balanced in flavour. After the curry is cooked, remove thighs, dice and fold back in. Finish with fresh cilantro leaves.

Long Bean Salad

400g long beans

30g toasted coconut flakes

5 Tbsp of coconut milk

1 Tbsp lime juice

Blanch long beans until bright green and tender, but still al dente. Slice into 1 cm pieces. Reserve 100g curry paste and mix with coconut milk and lime juice. Season with fish sauce, palm sugar and lime. Mix in some of the shredded chicken leg meat from the stock. Mix beans and dressing together and season.

Lemon Basil Yogurt

½ lb lemon basil

½ cup Greek yogurt

fish sauce to taste

sugar to taste

Blanch and purée the lemon basil. Mix with Greek yogurt. Season with fish sauce and sugar.

Fried Chicken Crackle

skin removed from 4 chicken legs


cayenne pepper

lime zest

Scrape fat off of skin. Season skin with salt and cayenne pepper. Lightly dredge skin in seasoned flour and gently fry in hot oil (at 350°F) until bubbles have disappeared. Drain excess oil on paper towel. Season with salt, cayenne pepper and fresh grated lime zest.


Serve curry, bean salad and lemon basil yogurt over hot jasmine rice. Garnish with cilantro leave, sliced chilies and fried chicken crackle.

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