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These are the most mispronounced foods and you've probably been saying them wrong too

Say 'Worcestershire sauce' three times, fast... and correctly.
restaurant menu
Look out for these top mispronounced foods next time you're looking at a menu.

No one wants to be that person at a restaurant who completely butchers the menu when it's their time to order. 

A study by Preply revealed the top 20 most mispronounced foods and here's what made the cut. Challenge yourself to a Pronunciation Bee (which should be a thing, really) and see how many foods you've been saying correctly!

Top 20 Mispronounced Foods

  1. Quinoa (Keen-waa)
  2. Gyros (Yee-ros)
  3. Croissant (Kwa-son)
  4. Açai (A-sai)
  5. Gnocchi (No-kee)
  6. Lychee (Lai-chee)
  7. Chipotle (Chuh-powt-lay)
  8. Worcestershire sauce (Wu-stuh-shuh sauce)
  9. Pho (Fuh)
  10. Jalapeño (Ha-luh-pee-nyow) 
  11. Focaccia (Foh-cahtch-ah)
  12. Bruschetta (Broo-skett-ah)
  13. Hummus (Homm-us)
  14. Edamame (Eh-duh-maa-may)
  15. Paella (Pah-eh-yah)
  16. Poutine (Poo-tin)
  17. Poke bowl (Po-kay bowl)
  18. Gyoza (Gee-oh-zuh)
  19. Prosciutto (Pro-shoo-tow)
  20. Foie gras (Fwaa graa)