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New North Vancouver restaurant promises 'an authentic sushi journey unlike any you have experienced before'

Some serious sushi news for Lower Lonsdale
A high-end modern Japanese sushi bar will open in summer 2022 in Lower Lonsdale, featuring omakase-style service.

The sushi scene on the North Shore is about to get serious, thanks to the pending launch of a new high-end omakase-style restaurant in Lower Lonsdale.

Sushi Mahana is setting up at 111-175 W Third St in North Vancouver, just four blocks up from the bustling hub of Lonsdale Quay.

The sushi bar will be headed up by sushi master Hiroshi Hoshiko of Sushi Jiyu-Jin catering, which provides private chefs to prepare and serve sushi and modern Japanese tapas dishes. 

At Mahana, diners will experience sushi omakase-style, which means rather than ordering a la carte, guests will be served a progressive chef's selection of sushi pieces and other small bites. This will be offered up in what the restaurant describes as its "zen-inspired elegant Japanese modern dining space."

According to Hoshiko's personal Instagram account, now that the exterior signage is up for Sushi Mahana, "interior work will now begin in earnest" in the space.

A further look at the sushi master's social media photos reveals gorgeous sushi dishes he has prepared in the past, offering a tempting glimpse into what may await at Mahana. Some of those past dishes were from Orizume, another venture where Chef Hoshiko showcased his talents. 

Not everything the chef has done will make its way onto the Mahana menu, however, as owner Yuki Aida explains to V.I.A. in an email. "We are trying to create something entirely new," says Aida, noting Mahana may be able to offer some similar dishes as found at Orizume as take-out down the line, and will not be doing any Japanese tapas. 

In fact, Sushi Mahana pledges that Hoshiko "will guide you through an authentic sushi journey unlike any you have experienced before."

Currently, Sushi Mahana is aiming to be open by the end of the summer. Follow @sushimahana on Instagram for more updates.