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Watch: This 'Ultimate Burger' went viral on social media but you can only get it in Vancouver

It was created by a visiting celeb chef

When Chef Laurent Dagenais teamed up with Chef Adam Middleton in the rooftop garden of the Fairmont Waterfront and declared in a video "let's make a burger," they wound up collaborating on a decadent, stacked creation he dubbed "The Ultimate Burger."

The burger features a six-ounce Hiro wagyu beef patty, onion jam, seared foie gras, smoked Two Rivers bacon, and a sunny side up egg.

Dagenais wound up garnering nearly 200k views on TikTok alone, and tens of thousands of likes and comments on that platform and Instagram, leaving many burger lovers wondering if they'd ever be able to enjoy this epic burger IRL.

The answer is: Only in Vancouver, and only as of now.

Ten days after the video dropped, the burger made its official debut on April 17 on the menu at the Fairmont Waterfront's ARC Restaurant.

Called the 'Wagyu Burger" on the menu, the indulgent and meat-forward dish is priced at $48 and can (and probably should!) be split to enjoy with at least one other person. 

Those seeking a little balance can opt to order a side salad of locally-sourced mixed greens, though understandably, fries are always a good idea with a burger.

Video: Celeb chef's viral Ultimate Burger hits the menu in Vancouver

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