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Vegetarian Indian food delivery biz opening new Vancouver restaurant

They specialize in Rajasthani fare, including some harder-to-find dishes
Tatta Chulha offers dishes like dal baati, churma, besan ke gatte, and masala chach as part of its menu of Rajasthani dishes. The vegetarian food delivery business is opening a restaurant in Vancouver on Broadway at Main. Photo via Tatta Chulha/Facebook

Launched in the spring of 2020, as Metro Vancouverites were getting used to eating all their meals at home, an all-vegetarian Indian food business started delivering its menu of traditional Rajasthani eats across the region.

Called Tatta Chulha, the venture has now secured a Vancouver restaurant and is getting ready to officially launch at 147 East Broadway. The location had previously housed the South Indian restaurant Chutney Villa.

Tatta Chulha specializes in home-style thal dishes, meaning mixed platters featuring some familiar and some harder-to-find items.

The restaurant offers dishes like Rajasthani kadhi (pakoras in gravy), panchmel dal (five lentil stew), and gatte ki sabji (steamed dumplings in spicy gravy) with jeera rice (cumin rice) and dessert, such as malpua, a sweet pancake. 

Rajasthan's population is nearly three-quarters vegetarian, which is perhaps why so many of the region's most well-known dishes are meat-free. Tatta Chulha is a fully vegetarian restaurant, and they have vegan options available as well.

Tatta Chulha had been aiming for a mid-January launch at its new digs on Broadway at Main. The restaurant is updating potential customers via its Facebook and Instagram pages.