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Here are all the drinks you can try with Vancouver's first-ever Bubble Tea Passport

A variety of special drinks and deals will be available at participating vendors for two weeks this summer
The Metro Vancouver Bubble Tea Passport gives fans access to special drinks and deals between August 1 to 14.

The Metro Vancouver Bubble Tea Passport, a self-guided two-week festival, will give bubble tea fans special access to limited-edition drinks and promotions from August 1 to 14, 2023.

Passports for the inaugural event for bubble tea devotees are now on sale for $6. 

The Bubble Tea Passports can be purchased while supplies last from the following locations:

You can purchase the passport and claim $1 off 14 limited edition menu offerings from August 1 to 14 while supplies last; over 20 BOGO drink deals at select vendors August 1 to October 31; and a two-month Supper Club membership.

The Bubble Tea Passport is the creation of local food fan Laura Wong-Thompson, who also set up last year's debut Croissant Crawl.

The limited edition vendor lineup celebrates bubble tea drinks and more. Included are desserts with tapioca pearls (Chez Christophe’s Boba Croissant Cube available August 1 to 7; and Forage’s Hong Kong Milk Tea Cream Puff). Additionally, Japanese (Fufu Cafe) and Filipino vendors (The Filipino Noodle Joint; Kulinarya Filipino Eatery; Pampanga’s Cuisine) will be offering options with tapioca and sago pearls. Limited vegan drink options are available.

Here are the participating vendors for the Metro Vancouver Bubble Tea Passport along with their drinks and deals:

Boketto Tea Bar

  • Iced Blueberry Matcha Latte with Pearls (Made with organic matcha from Whisk and house-made B.C. blueberry syrup and oat milk)

Chance Café

  • The Tokyo Fog (Matcha green tea, soy milk froth, vanilla syrup. Served with brown sugar pearls)
  • The Vancouver Fog (Earl Grey, Vanilla Syrup, Steamed Almond Milk topped up with whipping cream. Served with brown sugar pearls)

Both can be ordered vegan without the whipping cream. Add an extra cloudy day (Cotton Candy) or Make it Muddy (Scoop of Ice cream), or both.

Charisma Café & Dessert House

  • Spiked Oreo Ice Volcano (Espresso Oreo latte with brown sugar pearls, spiked with Maker's Mark whisky and topped with cookies & cream ice cream. Ages 19 and older only)

Chatto Tea & Coffee

  • Santan Watermelon Oolong (Watermelon oolong with chewy pearls, topped with coconut cream)

Chez Christophe

  • Boba Croissant Cube (Chez Christophe’s signature croissant cube filled with milk tea cream, including a drinkable tea centre, topped with boba pearls, Available August 1 to 7)


  • Hong Kong Milk Tea Cream Puff ("Pineapple” crust topping, ginger brown sugar tapioca pearls, vanilla ice cream)

Ki Cafe

  • Apple Crisp Ade (Green Apple Kumquat Tea Soda with whipped cream on top)

Kulinarya Filipino Eatery

  • Ginataang Bilo Bilo (A Filipino snack or dessert. Sago pearls, glutinous rice balls, purple yam and sweet potatoes in coconut cream. Can be served hot or cold.)

Memory Corner

  • Fresh Sparkling Dragon Fruit with Pearls 


  • Lavender Earl Grey Nut Mylk Tea with Nut Cream (Earl Grey Nut Mylk Tea infused with lavender with Nuttea's signature Nut Cream on top.)

Pampanga's Cuisine

  • Taho De Leche (Sweetened silken tofu, with black boba pearls, white sago pearls, and brown sugar syrup with homemade leche flan)


Sweet Memory

  • Fresh Sparkling Dragon Fruit with Pearls 

Tea Drop Cafe

  • Hojicha Ice Cream (Roasted green tea blended with rich ice cream and milk. Served with or without pearls.)

Buy One Get One or 50% off offers for Passport Holders:

Blossom Teas

  • Buy one drink, get second same drink free (one for redemption in September; one for redemption in October)

Chance Cafe 

  • 50% off one Roasted Milk Tea/ Oolong Sweet Tea

Charisma Cafe & Dessert House

  • 50% off one spiked bubble tea (Ages 19 and older only)

Chatto Tea & Coffee 

  • Buy any drink, get one Cheese Kee Mun Tea free (August)
  • Buy one drink from the Milk Tea Series, get one same drink free (September)
  • Buy one drink from the Fruit Tea Series, get one same drink free (October)

Juicy & 88 Hotdog 

  • Buy one entree (meal or fried chicken) or any two hot dogs, get a medium bubble tea with boba pearls free

Memory Corner

  • Buy one drink with pearls, get one drink with pearls free

Monga Fried Chicken

  • Buy one bubble tea drink, get bubble tea drink free
  • Buy one chicken entree, get one bubble tea drink free

Pampanga's Cuisine

  • Buy one Sago’t Gulaman, get one Sago’t Gulaman free (Green jelly, white pearls, black boba pearls, and brown sugar syrup)

Peachy Peachy

  • Buy one drink, get one drink free

Sweet Memory

  • Buy one drink with pearls, get one drink with pearls free


  • Buy one drink, get one drink free (redeemable one time each at each five Metro Vancouver locations)

Bonus offers:

The Filipino Noodle Joint 

  • Buy one cooler, get one free (one redeemable in September; one redeemable in October; excludes Halo Halo)

Fufu Cafe 

  • Buy one order Thai Milk Tea Panna Cotta Soufflé Pancake, get a second order 50% off: Three soufflé pancakes, Thai tea infused whipped cream, brown sugar tapioca pearls, Thai milk tea panna cotta, brown sugar syrup (Redeemable August 1 to 14)
  • Buy a small Thai Milk Tea Tapioca Kakigori (Japanese-style shaved ice), upgrade to large free: House-made Thai milk tea sauce, brown sugar tapioca pearl, Rocky Point vanilla ice cream, Thai milk tea whipped cream, mint. (Redeemable August 1 to 14) 


Buy one tumbler set, get one tumbler set at 50% off

With a file from Lindsay William-Ross