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Watch: One of Vancouver's top spots for Italian eats is celebrating a birthday

Shhh, we know who to Ask For if you're searching for a great meal.

Do you know the secret to finding an incredible Italian meal in Vancouver? Well, it's not much of a secret, because, for the last nine years, droves of people have known you'll find fantastic Italian fare at Ask For Luigi.

The cozy converted house that's home to Ask For Luigi is an enduring draw for food lovers, and as the team marks its ninth anniversary the team is also celebrating another milestone: being one of the restaurants on the Michelin Guide's first-ever list of recommended Vancouver restaurants.

From November 9 to 30, Ask For Luigi is marking its nine years of deliciousness with a special a la carte menu available for diners. The selection is a mix of greatest hits and seasonally-driven new faves, which means you'll be able to order dishes like soft-boiled eggs with anchovies and plump, briny salmon roe, perfect for loading onto slices of fresh bread as a starter or tender, rich veal cheek on a creamy squash risotto.

They've got ribbons of fresh papardelle with a hearty duck ragu as well as perfect little pistachio cream-filled bomboli (mini donuts) for a sweet finish, too.

You can also order from the regular menu, featuring enduring faves like Luigi’s meatballs, fried cauliflower with chickpeas, herbs, and aioli, or their best-selling olive oil cake - not to mention a roster of stunning pasta dishes. Team up your meal with selections from Ask For Luigi's excellent wine list, and sip on an espresso or cappuccino with your dessert, and you'll see why this spot remains a popular pick for some of Vancouver's best Italian food.

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