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One of Vancouver's 'Paella Guys' could represent Canada in global culinary competition

Help this Paella Guy get to Spain!
Chef Javier Blanc of Vancouver's Paella Guys is vying to represent Canada at the World Paella Day Cup in Valencia, Spain.

When you're craving Spain's signature rice dish, paella, you don't have to leave Vancouver, thanks to local talent like the Paella Guys.

The full-service catering outfit offers prepared paella for pick-up or delivery or all the components you need to give the iconic dish a go yourself at home. They even offer hands-on paella cooking classes at their commissary kitchen. Plus, the Paella Guys often do pop-up events on Vancouver restaurant patios, so you can catch them in the action around town doing what they do best. 

Now one of the Paella Guys, chef Javier Blanc, is competing to represent Canada at the World Paella Day Cup.

The event takes place in Valencia, Spain this September. 

Blanc explains why he hopes to be named the Canadian paella representative: "Because I am very passionate about cooking paella and very passionate about representing this country that has given me and my family so much." (You can watch Blanc's entry video to get a glimpse of his life making paella here in Vancouver.) 

"World Paella Day is a recognition to the most universal plate of Spanish gastronomy," explains the Spanish competition.

Voting is open to the public online only through June 26, 2022.