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B.C. man records strange lights streaking across the sky

In the video, you can hear the family trying to figure out what the objects could be.

A Kelowna man and his family spotted something so unusual in the sky above Kelowna that he waited a few days before deciding to share it with Castanet.

Bobby Vandenhoorn lives a few blocks from Orchard Park Mall and he was on his rooftop patio Friday night hoping to see the northern lights between 10 and 11 p.m. with his family when they got more than they bargained for.

"We're just kind of waiting for the aurora borealis to show up and we started seeing those groups of things just flying through the sky really fast. Eventually, we just decided to start filming some of them and caught some all in a row, all going the same speed."

Vandenhoorn says at first he thought it might be Starlink's satellites, but then they started breaking up and moving in different directions before reforming into a group.

"These ones kind of seem to be flying together, but they would spread apart. Some are really low, below cloud level and some are kind of higher up, probably higher than the clouds would be, but it's really, really strange."

In the video, you can hear the family trying to figure out what the objects could be.

"I think my parents were just trying to throw out logical ideas as to what it could be because we all couldn't really believe that. There's just these silent orbs flying through the sky."

Vandenhoorn says he's watch the video back over the past couple days and wanted to hear if others saw the same thing.

"I've had a good amount of time to really sit and think about, what the heck was that? And I can't think of anything other than something unusual, you know, because it's not aircraft and it's not satellites and it's not birds," he says.

"There must have been other people staring at the sky at the same time as me."