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'Eat the rich': Luxury vehicles left with note, deflated tires in Vancouver neighbourhoods

Vancouver police are investigating and say the incidents took place on March 31 and April 10.

Luxury vehicles parked in two Vancouver neighbourhoods have been damaged and left with a note on them. 

An individual who lives in Kitsilano tells Glacier Media that they came out to find more than a dozen vehicles with deflated tires and a note with red writing. The note read, "EAT THE RICH."

"They put lentils under the valve caps to deflate the tires," he says. "That’s how they were able to do so many."

Vancouver police confirm a number of reports have been made to officers regarding mischief to vehicles. Vehicles were damaged on March 31 and April 10, according to police. 

The individual did not want to be identified by name. His vehicle, a BMW car, was targeted as was his neighbour's Land Rover. 

"It was an annoyance, [it] made me late for work but otherwise no damage done at least,” he says.

Kitsilano wasn’t the only neighbourhood hit. People living in Shaughnessy also woke up to their tires deflated and the same notes.

No arrests have been made in connection to the incidents. Police say the investigation is ongoing. 

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