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'Pretty dramatic': Airplane passenger captures foggy cityscape in B.C.

A passenger on a plane over Vancouver got quite the view.

A B.C. man was flying over Vancouver at the perfect time to capture a foggy cityscape in a photograph. 

Lawrence Hogarth was on a plane at 10 a.m. on Sunday heading home to Castlegar when he spotted the amazing scene below. 

"It was pretty captivating,” he says. 

Knowing a thing or two about photography, he lined up the photo and knew the lighting was just right. 

“Seeing the building through the fog, like that was pretty dramatic,” he says. 

His photographs show snow-capped mountains with skyscrapers poking through a layer of thick fog.

“We are used to seeing mountains like that, but seeing buildings poking through the fog and the sunlight was quite something and I wanted to try and catch it."

The 62-year-old works as a millwright but has been messing around with photography since he was a teenager. 

“It’s just been a hobby sort of thing,” he says. “I’ve gotten lazy with a cellphone camera.”

Thousands of people have interacted with his photographs online after he posted them to a Facebook group. 

“I almost wish I could turn the messages off of my phone because I get a message every time somebody says something,” he says. 

He’s happy that people are enjoying his photographs. 

“It was a beautiful sight,” he says. “Timing is everything.”