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'Just a regular guy': Richmond man $58M richer after lotto win

He's planning on spending the money on new fishing gear and a house.

A longtime Richmond resident is set for life after winning the $58-million Lotto 6/49 jackpot.

Hao Ping Chung bought a ticket on March 6. When he checked online to see his account, he couldn’t believe his balance.

“It didn’t feel real! I tried to withdraw the funds to see if it was actually there,” he says.

Right away, he called his parents to confirm what he was seeing.

“They were surprised and asked if it was a scam,” he says.

He plans on using the money to buy a house of his own and wants to travel somewhere warm.

The single man who enjoys fishing wants to buy more gear and also learn how to play guitar.

“Ya, I love fishing,” he says.

When asked if he plans on leaving Richmond, he says no.

Chung is now B.C.’s first-ever Gold Ball jackpot winner. He was presented with the prize during a ceremony in Vancouver on Friday.

So far in 2024, B.C. lottery players have redeemed more than $93 million in winnings from Lotto 6/49. 

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