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'I thought one said $25,000': Lower Mainland woman wins $500K on lottery ticket

She plans on spending lots of time with family thanks to the win.
Abbotsford's Mezhgan Azmudin won $500,000 on a Daily Grand lottery draw on Jan. 15, 2024.

An Abbotsford woman is planning for plenty of family time after winning hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Mezhgan Azmudin won $500,000 on the Jan. 15, 2024 Daily Grand draw; at first she thought she had won a big, but smaller, prize.

“I was at home and decided to check my tickets on [the app],” Azmudin says in a BCLC press release. “Some were $1 and free plays and I thought one said $25,000.”

Excited at the prospect of winning $25,000 she took the ticket to the store she'd bought it, a Chevron in Abbotsford. That's where she learned she'd actually won much, much more.

The big half-million dollar win will mean more family time, as Azmudin wants to invite family from out of town for a visit.

"I am happy, especially being able to bring my parents here,” she says in the release.

At the same time, she wants to take a trip to Dubai with her kids.