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‘Still very active’: Wildfires burning in Fraser Canyon triggering evacuation orders, alerts

Evacuees are asked to head to Merritt Civic Centre.

UPDATE: 3:40 p.m.

A wildfire burning northwest of Lytton, B.C., has resulted in a new evacuation alert on Wednesday.

The Thompson-Nicola Regional District Emergency Operations Centre has placed one property and any other properties within a boundary area on evacuation alert as of 3 p.m. on Wednesday.

Residents at 10750 Texas Creek Road and the surrounding area are asked to prepare to evacuate. 

Minister of Forests Bruce Ralston says rain fell on some parts of B.C. did not come to the wildfires burning in the Fraser Canyon. Those fires remain “still very active” further north, he said.

“Crews continue to work hard to protect vital infrastructure including transmission lines, railways and Highway 1, along with working to limit growth on the south and eastern portions of the fire,” he says.

Bowinn Ma, B.C.’s Minister of Emergency Management and Climate Readiness noted Lytton is a very active fire area currently.

“I want to acknowledge the stress that that causes for a community especially a community like Lytton First Nation who has already been through so much,” she says. “It is a reminder that we must be agile in case our circumstances change.”

BC Wildfire Service has updated the size of the Kookipi wildfire as of Wednesday afternoon and says it is estimated to be 14,425 hectares.

“The Incident Management Team will be managing resources and ongoing operations out of Hope while a fire camp is being set up in Boston Bar,” says a spokesperson.

BC Transportation and Infrastructure and the BC Wildfire Service are reminding motorists that Highway 1 remains closed due to the many safety hazards that are present along this route. 

Photographs posted to social media show heavy smoke and debris on the highway.

"These hazards include danger trees, rock fall, downed hydro lines and other debris. Highway 1 is a major artery, and we recognize that the closure has had significant impacts on movement throughout the region,” says a spokesperson.

BC Wildfire Service says the closure was not "implemented lightly" and that it is critical that the public adheres to official guidance and allow first responders to focus on wildfire suppression safely and effectively.



Increased fire activity at one of two wildfires burning in the Fraser Canyon has forced more people from their homes near Lytton, B.C.

The Stein Mountain wildfire is located 12 kilometres northwest of Lytton and is estimated at 1,811 hectares as of Wednesday morning.

BC Wildfire Service says fire behaviour increased on the northern flank driven by southerly winds, driving the fire over four kilometre distance up the Fraser Canyon. 

"Structure protection crews were actively protecting structure at the time, while 18 personnel remained on site with one water tender overnight,” says the service. 

The evacuation order was expanded at 7:55 p.m. on Tuesday for these areas:

  • Lytton IR 4A
  • Lytton IR 4B
  • Lytton IR AC
  • Lytton IR AD
  • Lytton IR 4E
  • Lytton IR 4F
  • Lytton 33
  • Nicklepalm IR A
  • Seah IR 5
  • Lytton IR5A
  • Nesikep IR6
  • Nesikep 1R6A

People evacuated are asked to travel on Westside North Spencer Road and muster at Lillooet Friendship Centre. Bobbi McKay is the Lytton First Nation support contact for people and can be reached at 778-254-9754.

The City of Merritt will be taking in evacuees at the Merritt Civic Centre (1950 Mamette Avenue) and Emergency Support Services have been activated to support them.

McKay confirms that all residents should head to Merritt Civic Centre. 

The Kookipi Creek wildfire just north of the Stein Mountain wildfire is estimated at 13,674 hectares in size and also resulted in evacuation orders for Siska Indian Band, Thompson-Nicola Regional District, Lytton First Nation, Kanaka Bar Indian Band, Fraser Valley Regional District, Boothroyd Indian Band and Skuppah Indian Band. 

Highway 1 between Boothroyd and Lytton is closed due to the Kookipi Creek wildfire. 

  • Evacuees are asked to 
  • Take an emergency kit with you
  • Grab all prescription medicines and identification for the entire family
  • Listen to the radio and follow instructions
  • If advised, shut off water, gas, electricity
  • Shut your windows and lock your home
  • Don’t take shortcuts, stay on the route
  • Register with local ESS 
Evacuation Orders issued on August 22 2023. Lytton First Nation