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These 4 TV commercials take you right back to EXPO 86

Taking you back almost 40 years...

Want to relive the excitement of Expo 86 in a glossy, brightly coloured way with some cheesy music?

These four archival EXPO86 commercials are on the YouTube channel "BC History," and will take you right back to one of the biggest events in the city's history, even if you weren't alive then. Smoothing over Vancouver's rougher characteristics, they follow a rather formulaic script.

If you take time with one of these you'll take time with them all as they share the same recipe: take one very 80's instrumental/synth track, add scenic shots of Vancouver, throw in a dash of action (say, a hang glider), the actual grounds and exhibits of EXPO86 and a couple of celebrities.

Bake at 30 seconds and voilà! You've encapsulated the vibe and the era in a tourism-friendly way.