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These 16 historic photos show Vancouver covered in ice and snow 100 years ago

Cold weather in Vancouver is nothing new

As Vancouver prepares for the biggest deep freeze of the year and this winter, it may seem like it'll be a tough time.

And it will be, for some, but despite Vancouver's reputation as being the balmiest part of Canada, it still gets a few frozen days each year.

In the past, snow and ice were much more difficult to deal with. These photos from the 1890s to the 1930s show how the city looked, covered in snow and ice. In some cases it's city streets with snow everywhere, in others it's people skating outside at the Lost Lagoon in Stanley Park or Trout Lake. Both locations appear to have been popular for skaters when temperatures dipped well below 0 C.

There are even shots of people playing hockey outside, and it isn't street hockey.

That said, judging by the snowy streets, getting around Vancouver when the white stuff hits has always been a pain.