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These 19 photos show just how wild Kitsilano was 110 years ago

People had to watch out for bush fires, bears and buggy-swallowing mud.

Kitsilano is one of the more popular neighbourhoods in Vancouver, at least if rent is any indicator.

The neighbourhood is known for brunch places, shopping and Yoga-gear influenced fashion. A century ago things were wildly different. Literally.

Around the turn of the 20th century, the primary industry in what we now call Kitsilano was logging, with huge trees being felled. The area was a popular place to visit for settlers who lived in Vancouver, though. The main draw is perhaps the only thing that hasn't changed in the neighbourhood; people like to hang out at the beach.

However, there was no shopping district. West Fourth Avenue got a street car in 1909, but there was little more than forest on either side of the track. The few houses that had been built were often surrounded by more forest, and bears weren't unheard of.

In fact, real estate agent James Quiney, who was selling many of the undeveloped lots, lived in the area and captured a bear cub, keeping it as a family pet for a spell. His young children even played with the bear, and photos show a family dog hanging out with it occasionally.