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'A Hundred Thousand Welcomes': These vintage postcards show off Vancouver over 100 years ago

These are what travellers sent home after a visit to Vancouver.

Postcards have been a staple of tourism for more than 150 years, and there are plenty of local postcards that capture that.

In Vancouver, postcards started popping up around the turn of the 20th century as the city grew rapidly and more tourists began to arrive. The city archive has thousands of postcards, many of which are from this era.

Popular sights were the natural beauty around the city, including Stanley Park with its famous trees and the view across the Burrard Inlet.

The city's early architecture also proved popular, as the new buildings were major landmarks in the growing city. These include places like the Vancouver Opera House, the city's earliest schools, and the provincial courthouse (now the Vancouver Art Gallery). While the buildings that remain are now historic sites, at the time they were new and impressive feats at the edge of a young nation.

Some postcards depict spots that wouldn't be considered postcard-worthy in today's world of glossy, vibrant photos of the most famous tourist spots. They include residential neighbourhoods, the city's hospital, and rather nondescript paths through the forest.

To see more historic postcards in the City of Vancouver's archival collection, they share many online.