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Listen up, guys! These are the best summer suits for men this season

How to dress up in hot weather.
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Here's what to look for when picking out a suit this summer.

Every man should have a suit in his closet.

A suit is a defining outfit in a man's wardrobe that will get broken out for any and all important occasions and while some guys have multiple for different seasons and occasions it is possible to get by with one or two.

Obviously, some people require them every day for work or are clothes horses and chose to style suits to suit their personalities but when it comes down to it, there are two types of suits you need: an all-black number and one for summer.

When it comes to choosing a summer suit there are a few things to consider: the colour, the fabric, and utility.

What to keep in mind when choosing a summer suit

For the colour, a summer suit can be a great opportunity to play around and be a bit bold or different. So long as you have a black dinner jacket in your closet you're covered for any occasion so why not branch out with a summery option?  According to my partner, a full blue suit is "basic" but I argue it depends on the shade of blue. The same goes for pink. Opt for a dusky and muted tone of a bright colour and suddenly you give Italian Mediterranean vibes. It also helps if the fabric has some kind of texture or thread pattern like linen.

Fabric should be breathable in summer. If you sweat easily, choose a light and airy suit fabric like linen or ultra-thin cotton if you're worried about wrinkling and pair it with a breathable shirt too. If you're ever stuck on how to dress in hot weather look to the fashion of tropical climates. What are they wearing in Miami or Brazil?

It's a lot of white pants mixed with tan jackets and pastel shirts. They're not afraid to play around with colour blocking and the colours are all light enough to reflect the sun. Sometimes they even wear a formal look with shorts instead of full-length pants and it's an idea that's slowly starting to catch on so don't be afraid to bend the rules.

Now obviously white isn't always practical which is the third thing to consider when picking a summer suit. Where will you wear this? How often? What will you be doing in it?

If you just need it for a one-time destination wedding then maybe a more affordable option is the way to go, perhaps even just a light-coloured dinner jacket and white shirt with a pair of chinos will do. But if you plan on wearing this suit all wedding season or every time you go out for a nice dinner on vacation then investing in a durable timeless jacket and pants may be worth it.

The best options for summer suits this season

The Lululemon New Venture Blazer is the perfect suit jacket for those worried about sweating. It comes in a classic navy colour and has a slim fit but most importantly it's designed to be worn on the move with eyelets for ventilation. If you just need something you can throw on to elevate a casual look and that travels well, this blazer has you covered.

For something a tad more formal the Rw & Co. Slim Fit Solid Suit Blazer and matching pants come in mint and dusky pink which would be great for summer. As would the Slim Fit Woven Suit Blazer and matching pants in any of the four lighter colours. They're made with a polyester blend instead of linen which keeps the cost down and doesn't wrinkle as much but for a true linen suit, this option from Banana Republic is affordable and totally classic.