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Dos and Don'ts for maintaining healthy skin post-facial according to an acne expert

How to keep your skin glowing after a treatment.
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Here are some skin care tips for how to make your facial last.

Canadian holistic nutritionist Meg Gaic is one of the country's leading acne experts and she's no stranger to the pain of chronic acne. For over a decade she dealt with the physical and emotional toll that treating acne can cause on a body.

She was put on hormonal birth control at an early age to try to treat the problem but it made it worse, even after coming off the treatment. She spent large amounts of money on dozens of different treatments and experts who all had something different to say. Eventually, she found holistic nutrition which helped her heal her skin from within. She has since developed Get Glow, which helps people cultivate and maintain clear skin through nutrition (she also advocates for reasonable expectations about what healthy skin and eating look like).

After rounding up the best facials in Vancouver, many of which come with price tags that make the treatments an investment many of us can't afford to do every month, we asked Gaic how people can maintain a facial to get the most bang for their buck. Here are her "dos and don'ts" to keep that glow lasting as long as possible.

Tips for maintaining your results and healthy skin post-facial


  1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize! 

  2. Make sure you have an amazing at-home routine with acne-safe products to keep up your glow in between treatments 

  3. A good quality SPF always, don’t forget to reapply!


  1. Avoid the sun and if you’re outside, wear a hat

  2. Avoid all active ingredients like acids, benzoyl peroxide and retinol for a few days so as to not aggravate your skin

  3. Avoid steam, sweating, and intense exercise for 24 hours.