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New Vancouver-based dating app co-founded by internet star Cameron Dallas to launch soon

No more awkward pickup lines, texting phases, and catfishing. 
The IRLY online dating app, founded by Connor Rose, Laura Rollock, and Cameron Dallas, is set to launch in Vancouver early 2023.

A new dating app inspired by authenticity and co-founded by Cameron Dallas is launching in Vancouver.

The IRLY app (which stands for I Really Like You) aims to make dating genuine and fun, without awkward pickup lines, texting phases, and catfishing. 

Devised by Connor Rose and Laura Rollock, the dating app is video-based and has many icebreaker games to choose from.

Upon its launch in early 2023, the app will only be available for users in Vancouver (the founders are planning a Toronto launch later on). 

How does the IRLY app work?

When a person opens the app they can choose from two pools of users: the online pool and the offline pool.

Online pool

In the online pool, users have the opportunity to immediately connect with others who are also online via a spontaneous two-minute video call.

While most dating apps use a yes-no swiping method where users decide first and then talk, the IRLY app primarily uses a pass-or-call method; users can either pass and save a person's profile for another time or video chat with them right there and then. 

Each video call is set on a two-minute timer. Once the timer is up, users can decide if they want to extend the call or move on. The founders are also exploring an audio-based alternative to video chats. 

Offline pool

In the offline pool, there is no option to immediately video chat with someone. Instead, users can match with others based on a yes-no system, similar to other dating apps, and set up a time to video chat later. 

Other features

The IRLY app is unlike traditional apps where users are limited to swiping "yes" or "no." 

"We feel like there's more opportunity to express yourself," co-founder Rose tells V.I.A. 

Similar to sending emoji reactions to people's Instagram stories, IRLY users can react to people's profile photos with emojis such as a heart-eyed emoji or fire emoji. 

The app also features icebreaker games. So far, there are four games: trivia, would you rather, "pictionary," and truth or dare. The games are designed to get to know the other person in a fun, authentic way. 

"There's a major shift [in] online social media culture, where people are really pushing to be more authentic and showcasing their true authentic self," says Rose. "We believe that our app is basically doing that for dating."

How IRLY came to be and how Cameron Dallas became a part of it

The idea for the new dating app came from Rose and Rollock's own frustrations with online dating. 

"A lot of the times people aren't who they say they are or they're acting a lot different than they were when we previously chatted with them," Rose shares. 

The duo took IRLY to UBC Entrepreneurship's incubator program where they interviewed hundreds of people and found that many felt the same frustrations. 

Now, IRLY is a few months away from launching in Vancouver. The app's website currently offers a beta version of the app for users to test and provide feedback on. 

How Cameron Dallas became a co-founder

Having an internet-famous co-founder is a surprising detail, but how it came about isn't a complicated story (and happened online too).

"He came across our page on LinkedIn and he checked our site," explains Rose. "[He said] 'I love what you guys are doing. It's so cool.' We met with him. We chatted with him for a couple of months and [he] was a really great fit. We have been working with him ever since. And he's been really, really helpful."

The IRLY app can be found on Instagram and online, and is expected to officially launch within the next few months this year.