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7 internet celebrities that you may not know are from Vancouver

From TikTokers and Instagram influencers to YouTubers and reality TV stars.
vancouver internet celebrities
These seven internet celebrities on TikTok, Instagram, YouTube and reality TV are from Vancouver, B.C.

In the age of social media, there are celebrities and then there are internet celebrities. 

We all have our favourite TikTokers, Instagram influencers, YouTubers and even Netlfix reality TV show cast members. But how many did you suspect were from Vancouver?

These local celebrities are not the same as Vancouver's famous locals, and it also might be worth noting that this list does not include obvious Vancouverite creators like Ben Kielesinksi and That Vancouver Couple (they moved to Europe recently but they're still Vancouverites at heart).

This list will (hopefully) leave you surprised.

Linda Dong (@leendadong)

You may not have known that Linda Dong who grew to viral fame on TikTok was once a YouTuber with a channel called Leena D Productions. She filmed skits and parodies and is also from Vancouver (though she's based in L.A. now)

Kristoff (@kristoffpissedoff)

When the TikToker isn't sharing his videos on the app, he works as a tailor in Vancouver. 

IFHT Films

The Vancouverite friends behind this popular YouTube channel (we mean 755,000 subscribers and millions of views sort of popular) make all sorts of comedy and action sports videos. They even have a mountain biking channel.

Max Boonch (@maxboonch)

This singer, songwriter and filmmaker from Vancouver also has a huge following on TikTok where he shares videos with attention-grabbing visual effects.

Property Brothers

Drew and Jonathan Scott, hosts of the popular TV series, were actually born in Vancouver. At one point in their childhood, they lived on a horse farm in Maple Ridge.

Julie Vu (@missjulievu)

The makeup guru and first transgender houseguest on Big Brother Canada 9 actually grew up in Metro Vancouver (Surrey to be exact). Her YouTube channel called Princess Joules became popular as she documented her male-to-female transition at 19 years old. 

Francesca Farago (Too Hot To Handle S1)

It's no secret that Vancouver is essentially Hollywood North, so it doesn't come as a surprise to see Vancouver actors cast in popular films and shows. The popular Netflix show 'Too Hot Too Handle' starred Vancouverite Francesca Farago, which brought her to even more internet fame.