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Photos: This Vancouver lingerie brand will completely change how you feel about your time of the month

They make period underwear that's super cute and sustainable.

Sometimes, despite all odds, everything aligns and something awesome is created. For instance, a Vancouver-based job posting on LinkedIn can be read by someone in England and suddenly a sustainable fashion company begins in earnest transcontinentally.

This was the case for Miriam Leckenby and Delphine Veilleux when they began Rosaseven, a sustainable zero-waste period underwear brand made in Vancouver.

The co-founders both had backgrounds in fashion but Leckenby says Rosaseven was really Veilleux’s brainchild. After moving to Squamish from France, Veilleux was on maternity leave when the idea of a came to her. She had previously worked with a global sports brand in France and put out the call for a sustainable fashion designer to partner with. After a year of remote collaboration, Leckenby relocated to Vancouver and they launched in March of 2021.

“It’s combining a love of lingerie, sustainability, women’s empowerment, and productivity,” Leckenby tells V.I.A. as the brand celebrates its first anniversary. “We want women to look forward to getting their period.”

As well as underwear, Rosaseven has a matching bralette, bodysuit, and overnight pajama set, and they’ll be releasing a bathing suit this July.

Leckenby says that period underwear is a great zero waste alternative to disposable feminine hygiene products (it takes over 500 years for a disposable pad to decompose) and while other zero-waste options are out there, they’re not necessarily made sustainably or there are other obstacles for women.

Diva and Moon cups are still internal devices and can cause toxic shock syndrome; period underwear eliminates this risk entirely. Some women also prefer not to use internal methods, particularly after childbirth. 

Reusable pads are an option but they can be bulky and difficult to fit and mold to the body.

Period underwear can also be used as a backup or replacement for pantyliners since menstrual cups can still leak. The underwear is designed to fit snug against the body but still feel comfortable with super soft organic cotton.

The gusset of the underwear has three layers that serve different purposes. The first layer is made with a combination of tencel and organic cotton so it’s breathable and comfortable against the skin. The second layer is moisture-wicking, like an exercise shirt would be, and the third layer is waterproof.

There are five different flow levels, light, medium, heavy, overnight, and postpartum. “As long as you have the right flow type you can wear it all day,” says Leckenby, without discomfort or…you know…squishy-ness.

There are also different designs and levels of bum coverage ranging from thong to full-coverage. “I never used to be a thong person,” admits Leckenby, but she’s been converted by Rosaseven's period thong. “I wear it even when I’m not on my period.”

Which is a far cry from that one pair of granny pants we all have at the back of our drawer that only see the light of day once a month.