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Vancouver founders of period underwear brand Rosaseven release a swimsuit

Attention people who menstruate, now there's nothing to keep you from getting in the water.
Vancouver's Rosaseven has launched a period bathingsuit just in time for summer.

Summer activities can be tricky for people who menstruate. Having your period can be uncomfortable at the best of your times but throw heat and water into the mix and there are suddenly a lot of moving parts to consider. Especially if there's a water sport involved. According to the Institut Français d'Opinion Publique, an international polling and market research firm, 65 per cent of women won’t put on their swimwear during their period and 74 per cent of women report being prevented from swimming because of their menstruation.

The natural bodily function is often a source of disruption in people's lives and to make matters worse it is also a strain on the environment with single-use disposable personal hygiene products making up a significant portion of pollutants.

Local Vancouver company Rosaseven started with period underwear but, just in time for summer, they have moved into the swimwear space to address this issue. 

Last month, the brand introduced the period bathing suit made from recycled polyester that saves 10 plastic bottles from landfill and waste streams and is treated with a natural ChitoSante antibacterial treatment which prevents bacteria that can cause odour and stains or deterioration of the fabric. 

The waterproof outer-lining stops water from getting in and the absorbing gusset works the same way a pad would. The body-hugging design also stops leaks from getting out when moving around or entering/exiting the water.

The bathing suit is made in small batches by a Vancouver manufacturer to reduce transportation costs, waste and environmental impact and pre-orders are open now on Kickstarter.