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Where to find zero waste, bulk and refill stores around Vancouver

Reduce your carbon footprint one store at a time.
zero waste food store
Zero-waste, bulk, and refill stores are scattered across Vancouver, helping locals work sustainable consuming habits into their routines.

Vancouver, named the greenest city in the world, isn't just great at recycling. The city is lush in sustainable ideas and alternatives, from Vancouver's love for pop-up shops and small businesses to packaging-free, sustainable stores. 

Here is where you can find zero-waste, bulk and refill stores across Vancouver, plus some other cool options for eco-friendly shopping.


These in-person grocery/household stores are either packaging-free, refillable, can be bought in bulk or are all of the above.

Inside Vancouver's Soap Dispensary, a longstanding refill/bulk store. . The Soap Dispensary & Kitchen Staples/Facebook
  • The Source Bulk Foods - plastic and packaging-free and zero-waste store carrying over 450 bulk foods and sustainable personal and household items.
  • NADA - buy-by-weight groceries with no packaging (bring your own bags and containers).
  • The Soap Dispensary - refills on household items and kitchen items that are hard to find packaging-free like tofu and chips.
  • BEC BY THE GRAM - Body Energy Club launched a buy-by-weight destination for supplements, protein powders and more starting at their Gastown location.
  • Refill Road - a zero-waste pop-up shop that offers refills on everyday essentials, from dish soap and laundry to shampoo and household cleaners.
  • Plenty + Spare - a small batch soapery with haircare, household products and more without the bottles.


Frankly, not everyone has the time, or desire, to go grocery shopping. Thank goodness for online shopping, and for these sustainable services. 

  • Jarr - package-free grocery delivery. 
  • Livlite - zero-waste grocery delivery, just make sure to leave the jars outside before your next delivery.
  • MapleStaple - bulk foods in reusable containers delivered to your door.

Other cool stuff

Just because it isn't a store or delivery service, doesn't mean it isn't worth checking out. 

  • Soapstand - like a vending machine, but a refill station... just for soap. 
  • BinBreeze - an all-natural, non-toxic powder made from naturally-derived ingredients to reduce odour, wetness and fruit flies no matter what compost system you use.