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7 pop-up picnic areas now open in Richmond

The pop-up picnic area initiative was launched by Tourism Richmond
Tourism Richmond pop-up picnic areas
Tourism Richmond has launched its Pacific. Authentic. Pop-up Picnic Areas to give residents and visitors a place to enjoy a meal outside over the summer.

Dozens of picnic tables, decorated by local artists, have been set up across Richmond for residents and visitors to relax or enjoy a meal.

There are a total of 31 picnic tables in seven pop-up picnic areas across the city, set up by Tourism Richmond.

“Richmond is known for its strong culinary scene – people travel here from all over the world just to eat. Having picnic tables and outdoor gathering spaces available makes it easier for everyone to support our amazing restaurants this summer,” said Nancy Small, CEO of Tourism Richmond.

The Pacific. Authentic. Pop-up Picnic Areas are:

  • Aberdeen Centre
  • Lansdowne Centre (two locations)
  • CF Richmond Centre
  • Gulf of Georgia Cannery National Historic Site
  • Steveston Town Square Park (next to the Post Office)
  • Britannia Shipyards National Historic Site

Richmond artists have designed “limited edition tables for each area,” according to Tourism Richmond. Each design showcases “the multi-cultural and dynamic nature of the city.”

The picnic areas are also a “wonderful way” to support local businesses and artists, as well as to promote outdoor gatherings, said Todd Gross, director of parks for the City of Richmond.

The picnic tables will be available for use until September.

To see a map of where the picnic areas are located, click here.