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7 Vancouver influencer pups to follow for International Dog Day

Some of Vancouver's awesome dogs
vancouver dogs
Here are 7 influencer pups to follow on Instagram.

Happy International Dog Day!

There are plenty of pups living in Vancouver and some lead double lives as Instagram influencers. If you're looking to add some local cuteness to your feed, here are some popular dogs to follow. 


Perhaps the most famous dog in Vancouver, this pup even took Steve Aoki for a spin in his helicpoter. 



River the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever is an adorable ginger pup that loves sharing his outdoors adventures, from splashing in rivers to hiking on trails. 


A post shared by River (@littleriverdog)



Note: Lucinda isn't actually a wolf. The white canine is the star of some epic photos and sometimes shares the account with Gilbert Anchovy the cat. 


A post shared by Lucinda (@lucindathewolf)



Muffin the Miniature Schnauzer is born and raised in Vancouver. The furry Vancouverite loves going on walks and sharing photos of his adventures. 



Milo doesn't go anywhere without his teddy bear (it's really cute). He also gives free hugs!



The adorable Goldendoodle and Mini Aussiedoodle duo go everywhere together. They even got dressed up for a Fluers de Villes photoshoot. 



This corgi pup loves to share snippets of life in Vancouver and we can't get enough of it.