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A spectacular full sturgeon moon is set to dazzle Metro Vancouver skies

Are you ready for the full moon magic? ✨🌕✨
Metro Vancouver residents may view the full sturgeon moon in August 2021. Photo: Full moon in Vancouver / Getty Images

Do you howl during full moons?

While bathing in the silvery light of the luminous behemoth might not bring out the wolf in you, full moons brighten the night sky and offer a sense of whimsical enchantment. 

Metro Vancouverites will be privy to a full 'sturgeon' moon on Aug. 22 at 5:01 a.m, according to said, the moon will appear nearly full on the evenings of Aug. 21 and Aug. 23, too.

The August moon gets its fishy name from Native American tribes who knew sturgeon of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain were most readily caught around the time the moon was at its fullest. Of course, the August moon, like the other monthly moons of the year, has many names.

For example, they also referred to the moon as the "full green corn moon," explains the Old Farmer’s Almanac. Different tribes also used different names, including "'Wheat Cut Moon” (San Ildefonso, and San Juan), “Moon When All Things Ripen” (Dakotah Sioux), and ”Blueberry Moon” (Ojibwe)."

Sky-watchers should opt to travel as far away from city lights as possible in order to avoid light pollution that will obscure the clarity of heavenly bodies. While this works best in more remote places, anywhere that has a higher elevation will also provide more ideal viewing conditions.

Someone captured video of the International Space Station in Vancouver skies 

Have you ever wanted to know what it would look like to see the International Space Station in Vancouver skies?

Now, you don't have to imagine the outer space glory. 

A Vancouverite shared a video of the large spacecraft passing over Crab Park on social media and an astronomer at the H.R. MacMillan Space Centre explained how you can view the satellite passing overhead, too.