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This app wants Burnaby residents to rent out spare bedrooms

Do you have a room in your Burnaby home you’d like to rent out, but not on Craigslist?
Sample listings for Happipad. Screenshot

Do you have a room in your Burnaby home you’d like to rent out, but are looking for an alternative to Craigslist?

There’s an app that wants to hear from you.

Happipad, an Okanagan-based startup, aims to “increase social, economic, and environmental sustainability by transforming empty spare bedrooms into affordable housing and opportunities for connection.” 

This spare-bedroom rental platform is expanding into Burnaby.

“Typical home-sharing arrangements involve student-senior and senior-senior matches,” said a news release. “Unlike traditional room rentals, participants in a home-sharing program are expected to interact and form social connections.”

"Think of it as a blend of AirBnB and," explained Cailan Libby, Happipad CEO and co-founder. "The intended section to service is medium term accommodation, so anyone looking for shared living arrangements of one month or greater."

With the new service, Happipad offers background screening on both the host and guest, matching them up based on preferences. The company then provides a rental contract, they handle a section of the cost of rent, and provide support throughout the living arrangement.

Visit for more details.

With files from Anita Sthankiya, Castanet

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