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Are you ready for it? Cherry blossom season is here, Vancouver (PHOTOS)

It's heeeeeeeeere! 🌸 😍 📸
Cherry blossom season has begun in Vancouver for 2021.

Ready or's here: Cherry blossom season in Vancouver.

From the tree-lined streets you happen to stroll on your afternoon neighbourhood walk to painstakingly coordinated guerilla photoshoots, people are spotting the city's thousands of blossoming trees loaded with cheery pink and white blooms and capturing every breathtaking moment.

Cherry blossoms are one of the most highly-anticipated harbingers of springtime, and for a lot of Vancouverites they represent that energetic burst of vibrancy that comes from emerging from winter's slumber. Also: They are dang beautiful to look at. 

We've rounded up just a sampling of the many pics tagged with #vancouverisawesome (that's us!) on Instagram showing cherry blossoms (and a few pretty-in-pink magnolia blooms, no doubt) from all sorts of angles. And this is just the beginning!

Let's kick-start sakura season with our first crop of pics of spring. Here we go!


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