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Awesome walking tours to try around Vancouver that aren't boring

There's a tour for everyone: foodies, history lovers, coffee connoisseurs and more.
vancouver forbidden walking tour
There are walking tours around Vancouver for everyone, including foodies, movie lovers, history nerds and more.

Vancouver is awesome (pun intended). It's also easy to get around without a car or bike, which is why one of the best ways to really explore the city is on foot. 

Sightseeing is one way to do it, but a walking tour may offer insight that can be hard to get otherwise if you don't know the city that well. Even Vancouverites who have lived in this place for decades may be surprised by some of the interesting facts and history a walking tour may reveal.

A walking tour can sound mundane at first, but depending on which tour you take, there's something for everybody, from foodies to movie geeks to coffee connoisseurs. 

Here are some awesome walking tours to try:

Hollywood North

Movie lovers may recognize Vancouver in popular movies, often disguised as other cities, including fan favourites like "Godzilla," "Supergirl" and "50 Shades of Grey." The city is also dubbed "Hollywood North" for the many film sets continuously popping up in and around Vancouver. In fact, there are so many movies set in Vancouver that you can tour them all in a few hours by foot. 

Foodie Tours

Vancouver is a great place for foodies. There are restaurants galore with both artisan and globally known flavours all over the city. Those who want to taste their way through Vancouver may want to start with the Granville Island Market Tour, though you can also tour Gastown and the city's Asian cuisine.  

Forbidden Walking Tours

This walking tour company delivers detailed history in an immersive, theatrical way. While some tour guides may opt for comfortable shoes and weather-appropriate clothing, these tour guides will greet you in a costume accurate to the history they will be guiding you through. From Stanley Park's darkest secrets to Vancouver's LGBTQ2S+ history, these walking tours are a fun way to learn some niche Vancouver facts. 

Street Art and Coffee

The tour starts with coffee and a behind-the-scenes glimpse into some of Vancouver's coolest art studios before exploring the many murals of the Mount Pleasant neighbourhood and the story behind each one. 

Street Art and Craft Beer

This walking tour is similar to the Street Art and Coffee tour, provided by the same company, except you'll begin by sampling craft beer and end at a local craft brewery, with a stop at "one of the city’s newest legalized public watering holes." 

Free Public Walking Tours

If you simply want to get to know the city without the tastings or costumery, there are free walking tours around a few of Vancouver's neighbourhoods, including downtown, Gastown and Mount Pleasant.