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Brothers take Cactus Club barge joke to another level with two-storey rendition (PHOTO)

These Vancouver-based brothers took Cactus Club’s April Fools barge prank with a grain of salt and made it better
Cactus Barge rendition by Vancouver-based brothers
Cactus Club's Cactus Barge April Fools joke is reimagined by Vancouver-based brothers Alex and Chris Willms

Two Vancouver-based brothers took Cactus Club’s barge joke with a grain of salt and made it better.

After Cactus Club pulled an April Fools barge prank that gave Vancouver a taste of what could have been, brothers Alex and Chris Willms one-upped the popular restaurant chain with their own version of the Cactus Barge.

The two-storey rendition has a view of English Bay and is complete with silhouettes that make it seem like a glimpse into the future. 

This rendering is part of the brothers’ grassroots community initiative to save the barge, and another element of their campaign. Self-described as “two Vancouver-based brothers who love hanging out by the Barge,” they really hope that the barge will remain.