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Take a look inside the first legal grow-op in B.C. featured on Google Street View

Tantalus Labs has opened their doors to the general public online, by allowing Google Street View into their legal cannabis growing operation located in Maple Ridge


Tantalus Labs' Sunlab 1 greenhouse is now the first legal cannabis growing operation to allow the public into their operation using Google Street View.

Located on the ALR in Maple Ridge, it's like most local farms in that it’s tucked away in a quiet corner. A highly secure facility surrounded by razor wire and monitored by more than 100 security cameras, they're actually one of the most transparent operations around.

A few weeks I took you on a video tour through it, showing how they run their operation. Check it out HERE.

Their claim of being "one of the most transparent cannabis production environments" rings true, as is their pledge to "showcase their cultivation environment to customers".

Have a look inside the Google Street View HERE.