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'Imagine if he had killed them?' Impaired driver crashes into Vancouver lamp pole

The VPD says two passengers were injured as a result of the crash.
A Richmond driver crashed into a lamp pole at the corner of Dunsmuir and Homer streets in Vancouver, B.C. in June 2022, says the Vancouver Police Department.

Vancouver police say an impaired driver crashed his vehicle into a lamp pole in the downtown area, injuring two passengers. 

On June 15 at 2:25 a.m., the 27-year-old-driver lost control of his vehicle and crashed into a lamp pole at the corner of Dunsmuir and Homer streets, Vancouver Police Department Sgt. Steve Addison tells Vancouver Is Awesome.

"We were there when it happened and we investigated and detained him," he explains, adding that the driver was impaired by alcohol. 

One of the passengers suffered minor injuries but declined to go to the hospital. The other passenger sustained a fractured knee and the driver was uninjured, adds Addison. 

The Richmond driver's license was suspended for 90 days and his vehicle was impounded; he'll also have to pay for impound fees and the time his vehicle is impounded. 

"It is completely 100 per cent avoidable," notes Addison.

In a tweet on June 18, the VPD remarked: "Imagine if he had killed them? Drinking and driving never ends well - make a different choice." 

The scene of the car crash is pictured below.

Impaired driver crashes car into lamp pole into Downtown Vancouver. Photo via @VPDTrafficUnit/Twitter