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Check out this futuristic Vancouver travel video (VIDEO)

It's framed as VR travel experience to the past.
The imagined view from a VR set in Herman Huang's Neo Vancouver video.

In less than 20 years virtual reality experiences may become an integral part of experiencing the past, and Herman Huang has imagined what that'll look like.

In Neo Vancouver, a short travel film he's uploaded to YouTube, he imagined what the VR experience to Vancouver in the early 2020s could be. Huang is a video director and editor based in Vancouver, with experience using special effects.

That means lots of cinematic shots of the city's beautiful and visually interesting spots, like Yaletown, the downtown library and A-maze-ing Laughter. All of this is interspersed with special effects from the sci-fi world. A highlight would be the spinning camera trick through graffitied alleyways skipping to the Skytrain at full speed, but there's plenty of other 'wow' moments.

The clips of Vancouver are bookended with a drab view of the world in the future that Huang created.

"In 2039, VR has become fully integrated in our society as a form of experiencing moments of the past," he writes in the description. "The air pollution level has also made VR diving a viable way to "go for a walk" when too dangerous to venture outside."