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Vancouverites are cheering outside nightly for our health care workers (VIDEO)

Makin' some noise to show support
At 7 p.m. nightly, Vancouver residents are stepping outside to cheer and clap for health care workers tackling COVID-19. Photo: A view of the West End of Vancouver/Shutterstock

There's less traffic noise, no fireworks shows, no roaring crowds at sporting events in Vancouver these days thanks to the COVID-19 crisis. But every night there's a new tradition that's making soundwaves through the city.

At 7 p.m. Vancouver residents are stepping outside - on their own balconies, patios, roofs, or sidewalks - to erupt in cheers and applause to salute the city's hard-working health care workers on the frontlines.

The word has been spreading on social media that the applause is for doctors, nurses, and other first responders and hospital personnel who are amidst this unprecedented health care crisis here in Vancouver - and around the world.

The hashtag #clapfordoctors on Twitter and Instagram shows that this is happening around the world at designated times.

In Vancouver, the new nightly ritual has been happening in the West End, though there have been rallying calls on community Facebook groups for a similar action to happen in communities across the lower mainland.

To some, it's a cheer of "mutual support" for neighbours in isolation.

So if you hear some cheers, shouts, and pots and pans being banged this and any upcoming evening, step out and join in. It's a great way to say thank you, to say we're in this together, without leaving our homes.

And a reminder to make sure that you aren't gathered closely in a group of people who don't share your home with you. Practice safe social distancing, wash those hands, and take good care.