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Climate change protesters will be marching through Vancouver on Earth Day

The rally will start at Vancouver City Hall and march across Cambie Bridge to finish at Coopers Park.
Earth Day rally April 22, 2022
Protect the Planet, Fairy Creek Blockade, Save Old Growth, and Extinction Rebellion are organizing an Earth Day rally on April 22 in front of Vancouver City Hall to help force change and bring awareness.

Fighting climate change can look like ditching plastic and opting for more sustainable practices (TikTok can help with that!), or it can look like an Earth Day rally.

Multiple organizations like Protect the Planet, Fairy Creek Blockade, Save Old Growth, and Extinction Rebellion Vancouver have joined forces on Facebook to organize an Earth Day rally

The rally starts on April 22 at 4:30 p.m. in front of Vancouver City Hall. 

"It's an opportunity to bring people together and talk about what we collectively need to do to avert the destruction of our society, economy and everything we love," writes Tim Brazier from Save Old Growth in an email. 

Brazier says after the group gathers at City Hall there will be a few short announcements and talks and then they will march across the Cambie Bridge before finishing at Coopers Park "for some more talks and breakout groups," he adds. 

Rainbow Eyes from Fairy Creek Blockade says that taking action together, and the energy that comes from it, is powerful. "We need to get out of our homes, and feel [the energy of] what it's like to come together and really do something to stand up for something. That's where the real change will begin to happen. And it needs to happen right now."

For the rally, Rainbow Eyes encourages protesters to bring drums. "There will probably be a lot of drumming. So if anybody has a drum, they should bring it because more drums are more powerful and [make us] more connected."

While protesters will be rallying down the street, Brent Eichler and Howard Breen have been on a hunger strike for over 25 days, in efforts to save old-growth forests. 

The Earth Day rally is to bring awareness, help force change, and urge governments to take immediate action to cut down carbon emissions, according to the rally Facebook page.

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