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‘Free-spirited’ barge beached in the West End has its own Twitter account

“I’m just a lonely barge looking for a tug tonight”
Knocked loose from its moorings after a massive windstorm that shook Metro Vancouver on Monday, Nov. 15, the barge beached itself on the Stanley Park seawall.

Within hours of a barge smashing into a West End beach it already has a sassy online presence. 

The massive floating structure was blown loose from its moorings on Nov. 15 during a massive windstorm that shook Metro Vancouver. Eventually, the barge became stuck on rocks just off the seawall at Sunset Beach where it quickly received nationwide attention.

“Made the national news my piers will be so jealous,” @EnglishBayBarge wrote on Twitter.

The City of Vancouver closed all lanes on the Burrard Street bridge just in case the barge came loose and collided with the bridge -- much to the heartbreak of @EnglishBayBarge.

“Why she gotta be like that? Why did Burrard Bridge shut down on me when I just wanted to talk to her? Dating in this city is hard,” wrote the barge. 

The barge also has taken some sassy shots at prominent Vancouver figures like Canucks owner Francesco Aquilini and the city’s mayor. 

“I’m a bigger deadweight than Aquilini.  #Canucks #BargeOnTheBeach,” the barge tweeted. “Vote #BargeForMayor! A better empty vessel choice than @kennedystewart.”

Much like its Vancouver contemporaries, the barge will soon be forced to find another place to rest its hull. On Monday the Canadian Coast Guard announced the barge’s owner has been contacted and they are planning to retrieve it at the first available opportunity.