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Gingerbarges: Vancouverites made sweet recreations of the English Bay Barge (PHOTOS)

A festive take on the traditional gingerbread house, right from the shores of Barge Chilling Beach.

Some creative Vancouverites have shown some real skill with the artistic medium of gingerbread and sugar to recreate the beloved and infamous English Bay Barge.

If you have no idea what we’re talking about, where have you been? Feel free to catch yourself up with our many, many stories about the barge written since its arrival in November. Anyways, with Christmas being right around the corner, locals have been putting a twist on the classic gingerbread house by making their own gingerbarges. Here are some of our favourites! 


Created by Reddit user u/truenorth4444, this homage to Vancouver's barge won them first prize at their office competition, and we can see why!

This homage to Vancouver's barge won its creator first prize at their office competition!. truenorth4444/Reddit