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Transport Canada urges locals to stop harassing workers on the English Bay barge

Transport Canada has been made aware of workers being subject to verbal harassment while at the worksite.

As crews prepare the (in)famous English Bay barge for its eventual removal, Vancouver Is Awesome has learned the workers have faced harassment from the public while doing their jobs.

In trying to get to the bottom of how exactly the barge will be moved off the beach via email exchange, a Transport Canada representative asked the public to be patient and show kindness toward the workers on site. Upon further inquiry, it appears locals have been both unkind and impatient with the workers.

"Transport Canada has been made aware of instances of workers being subject to verbal harassment while at the worksite," the representative wrote. "We appreciate the community’s concern with the presence of the barge but would like to emphasize that the safety and security of the public and workers involved.

"Transport Canada wishes to remind the public to remain courteous with workers as they perform critical assessments and work to ensure the barge can ultimately be moved safely," the statement concluded. 

As for how the barge is to be removed, Transport Canada has reviewed a recovery plan for the barge from the owner’s representative earlier this month. After a damage assessment is completed further actions to refloat and remove the barge from the beach will be taken. The timing for said removal remains TBD.