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Here are the friendliest cities in Metro Vancouver

Two communities stood out, especially when it came to local voters
The friendliest parts of Metro Vancouver are also some of the rudest, according to the Vancouver is Awesome polls.

Vancouver isn't always known as the friendliest city, but that's not to say it's always so rude

V.I.A. ran a poll that just wrapped up, asking people what the friendliest largest municipality is in Vancouver, with the largest areas in the metro area to choose from.

Of those, two stood out, especially when it came to local voters.

The City of Vancouver was just beaten out by the North Vancouvers (the city and district were combined). Each finished with just more than 25 per cent of the vote, far exceeding the other parts of the metro city according to local votes.

When people from outside the area (at least according to their IP address) were included, the top two spots were still first and second, but their huge lead was diminished.

Third place wasn't the same for locals and out-of-towners, but it was close. Burnaby got more local votes, while Langley snuck ahead when including the whole internet. It could be a case of those living near Langley, but outside the city, voting for the place closer to them.

A group of cities were pretty close from fifth through to seventh. Delta wasn't as strong with locals, but did well with people from outside the area; Coquitam was similar, but to a lesser extent. Richmond was the opposite, and did better with locals.

Maple Ridge did almost exactly the same on each side of the poll, but Surrey, which easily the least friendly part of Metro Vancouver according to locals, picked up some points with outsiders and squeaked into eighth.

Some of this is a little surprising, when compared to our recent poll on rude parts of the city, using the same list of communities. Richmond "won" that poll with more than 30 per cent of the vote; it's finishing in the friendly poll isn't high, but it's not the bottom. Surrey's result matches up, finishing second in the rude poll.

However, the City of Vancouver got a quarter of the votes when it comes to friendliest part of the metro area, while it also received more than 22 per cent for the rudest part of Metro Vancouver (each of those is according to locals).

Vancouver Is Awesome polled 1122 Vancouver Is Awesome readers and asked the question: What's the friendliest large municipality of Metro Vancouver?

The poll ran from 8/27/2023 to 9/9/2023. Of the 1122 votes, we can determine that 600 are from within the community. The full results are as follows:

The City of Vancouver 25.67 % local, 18.72 % total    
The North Vancouvers 26.33 % local, 20.86 % total    
Surrey 3.17 % local, 5.79 % total    
Richmond 6.50 % local, 6.06 % total    
Delta 6.83 % local, 10.25 % total    
Maple Ridge 5.50 % local, 5.61 % total    
Langley 9.83 % local, 12.83 % total    
Coquitlam 6.00 % local, 7.66 % total    
Burnaby 11.33 % local, 12.21 % total    
  Local   Total

Results are based on an online study of adult Vancouver Is Awesome readers that are located in Vancouver. The margin of error - which measures sample variability - is +/- 2.92%, 19 times out of 20.

Vancouver Is Awesome uses a variety of techniques to capture data, detect and prevent fraudulent votes, detect and prevent robots, and filter out non-local and duplicate votes.

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