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Here's what May the Fourth looked like on Vancouver social media

As May the Fourth took over social media globally, local organizations got in on the fun.
Vancouver's SkyTrain system as with a Star Wars look.

As May the Fourth took over social media globally, local organizations got in on the fun.

From the TransLink reviving the Vancouver SkyTrain Network to the Mandalorian joining the police to Vancouver Iaido changing out their sword for a lightsaber, it seems Star Wars nerds everywhere got a hold of Twitter passwords. And in solidarity we're sharing some of them here.

Translink went hard this year. For one, they reshared their classic SkyTrain Star Wars map. It's not only a fitting rework of the map but also there are lots of little details, like the TransLink logo carrying a lightsaber.

The transit agency also makes sure the station names are similar to the originals, like Olympic Village becoming Ewok Village (though Endor is on the map as well), Broadway-City Hall becoming Bespin-Cloud City and VCC-Clark becoming VCC-C3PO.

Read into Moody Centre becoming Mos Eisley how you wish.

 TransLink also turned to Grogu, from the Mandalorian, for some transit tips.

Maybe transit folk are really into Star Wars, or maybe it's a coincidence, but the Metro Vancouver Transit Police took to Twitter today. In a series of tweets they suggest Din Djarin (aka the title character from the Mandalorian) has joined the force (along with Grogu) and is arresting Stormtroopers.

Other organizations joined in on the fun.

As have the locals!

Of course, if we're talking about locals and Star Wars art we have to highlight the work of David Aste.

And finally, while it wasn't tweeted on May the Fourth, Mark Hamill recently shared a historic Vancouver photo.


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