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Local artist drops an Imperial Star Destroyer above Vancouver (PHOTO)

That's no moon! (Except for the moon in the background)
A Star Destroyer from well-known film Star Wars sits above the slightly less famous Vancouver.

Ever wanted to know what it would look like if the Galactic Empire decided to invade the Lower Mainland?

Local artist David Aste did and he created a piece that drops an Imperial Star Destroyer above downtown Vancouver at the proper scale. The image shows the huge wedge-shaped spaceship sitting above the city with the sails at Canada Place sitting prominently in the foreground.

"Using Google Earth, Downtown is roughly 3,000m from BC Place to Stanley Park. A Star Destroyer is 1,600m, so from this perspective this is what it would look like," he writes in a Reddit post.

The massive fictional spaceship is estimated to be 1,600 m (if it were real). By measuring distances in the city Aste was able to figure out how it would fit into the sky above the city. For another comparison, the Lions Gate Bridge span is about 1,820 m, so a bit longer.