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Here's why you might see decked out ATVs patrolling Stanley Park this summer

It's not a new tourism activity.

You may notice ATVs patrolling Stanley Park this summer, it's not a new tourist excursion the city is offering.

The two decked-out vehicles belong to the Vancouver Fire Rescue Service (VFRS).

According to Matthew Trudeau, Caption of Public Information at the VFRS, the ATVs have been in operation for the last three years and are deployed in the summer for fire suppression and medical response.

"We do have our heavy apparatus and Wildlands vehicles that respond but the ATVs allow us greater access off trails, deeper into the Park for fires and medical calls," Trudeau tells V.I.A. by email.

One of the ATVs has a built-in gurney in the back and the other is kitted with a fire hose, shovel, and axe--much like a mini fire truck.

"Summertime increases demand for our firefighters for all types of calls into the park," Trudeau explains. The off-road vehicles aren't in use year-round but during the warmer dry weather period allow for greater access and capabilities through the busier season.